Why Even Celebrities Struggle To Keep Resolutions

Move over Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins and every other motivational guru who is working diligently to change your life. Yup. I bought the book - all of them. My teams have bought them and I have even used many of their techniques to rally and engage the troops.

That's the problem: You're rallying troops. You're lining your brain up to take action. You're getting motivated, inspired and ready.... but you're not changing your brain. You've just added a little gas to the fire, but just like gas, once the initial flare up, it returns to its original level of intensity.

So NewYears Eve comes and we throw a little gasoline on our motivation. Then January 9th comes and we slowly sink back into routine. Why?

I've had thousands and thousands of people work for me. Trust me, the change was always happening and always challenging. I made it happen. I didn't make it happen because I was the best motivator (although I must admit, I know how to throw gas on a fire!) I was also pretty good at stoking the fire (continuously prodding my team until they built a new habit.)

But... imagine if you were continuously poked?

That's not a great feeling and not the way to build successful teams and long-lasting results. I'm sure your husband|wife|business coach has done their share of prodding. How does it feel? I'm going to go out on a limb and say, "not good!" 

Driving real, sustainable change requires more than just ramping up, setting some goals and pushing forward. Anyone who told you to "Just do it" has said this because they didn't have any other solution.

In order to " Just Do It," you must first have an incredibly powerful "Why."  

Let's use Oprah as an example. There are not too many people on earth with more money and more resources than Oprah. I believe Oprah is smart enough to realize that her quality of life is negatively affected by her health. For years we've watched her get motivated, lose weight, gain weight, and go back on another very public diet. She has chef's, coaches and resources.

Was Oprah's motivation and desire enough to change? No.

Last November she did something brilliant. She captured her true motivation and used it for good. Oprah invested $43M in Weight Watchers and named herself the spokeswoman. There is nothing Oprah Winfrey is more motivated by than her career. Anyone watching her documentaries know she is obsessed by work. She gave herself a " Why" she couldn't ignore - business.

What is your why?

Next, we are who we are. Trying to become someone different will never work.

 Tony Robbins has you hopped up. Brendon Burchard has poured you a tall glass of Kool Aid . You are ready to blast your business into the stratosphere in 2016. You have crazy plans, your webinar is set, you have a new marketing plan and you are ready to do what it takes to buy that sweet new ride by June.

But you're 9 days into the new year and nothing's changed. If anything, you're suffering with being overwhelmed by your new strategy, exhausted because you've added too much to your plate, or you may even be suffering from analysis paralysis. What's happening is you're asking yourself to do something that doesn't align with who you are. This has created enormous conflict and challenge.

Hypnotists will share with you that when a patient is in a true hypnotic state, they sub-conscience will not allow them to do something they don't want to do. They won't jump off a bridge or rob a bank unless they were predisposed to do it. Our brain is a very highly trained, routine organ that works very hard to protect us and bring us pleasure. 

Now, what do you do?

Here are some quick steps to get you started:

1. Eliminate everything from your list that makes you uncomfortable(even though you may really want to do it)  and you're dreading spending the energy on it. Create a list with just those things on it. Set it aside.

2. Make a list of all the rest of the things on your list that you need to do in the next 30 days. Grab a big red marker and assertively cross off every item that does not either drive revenue, make things easier, or has not produced any positive results for you in the past 60 days. Be honest and don't cheat! This includes meetings, networking events, lunch dates, marketing, advertising, etc...

(the goal of this exercise is to give you time back to focus on PGA (Profit Generating Activity.)

3. Write down your most important goal. Next to it, write down your " Why." Truly assess is this "why" is powerful enough to make you want to change. If it's not, figure out a better " why."  Losing weight or a new car is generally not enough of a why.  

If you're like Oprah, you're smart enough to know you have to change, however, it may require you to find a more strategic way to accomplish this. For example, sign up with a personal trainer and telling them to take no excuses. Many of our SBUSA members join our group because they need to be held accountable and they need someone to keep them focused on their most important goals.

4. Find ways to accomplish your goals that rely more on your strengths. When you take the list from step 1, ask yourself, " Is there a different way to accomplish this goal that aligns more with who I am? The old adage, " there is more than one way to skin a cat," needs to be applied.

You know you need to accomplish these things, how do you do it easier? More comfortable?

If you hate to cold call, you won't do it. You probably won't even do it well if you do force yourself out of your comfort zone. With what other strategy can you replace it? If you don't feel comfortable hosting a webinar, what is an alternative route selling en masse? If you hate networking events, what can you do instead?

This one's a little more complex than just a bullet point in a post because sometimes to get there, you need to face the challenge head on. We're helping business owners adapt their strategy more comfortably ( as it relates to growing your business.) Feel free to join us in a one hour webinar on January 12th and 21st to help demystify this topic (It's FREE - the link is at the bottom of the post.)

It's important to remember that we set our New Year's resolutions because these are important changes for us to make. There was a reason you made them.

Changing this will improve your life. Our goal is to attain these goals, simply and realistically.

To learn more about how to make your business grow and overcome obstacles, contact us at Info@SmallBusinessUS.com for a free consultation.  Be sure to ask about Marketing Master Class that starts in February 2016. Visit our website atwww.SmallBusinessUS.com

About Steel Heels

I was invited to a senior executive women's networking group a few years back. This was not unlike many of the women's groups I've been invited to attend in the past. Unfortunately, what was promised to be a collision of thought leaders and brainstorming was filled with unemployed women looking for jobs. The next women's event was filled with a bunch of women trying to sell each other something. The next? A wellness summit focused on skin and beauty. 

Where were the women with whom I wanted to surround myself? You know, the women who can help you brainstorm challenges, who can motivate you to climb Mt. Everest or take on that boss whose holding you back? They'll encourage you to lean in when you're unsure and say no when you're over-committing.  When you fail, they help you reset but know you need to fail to succeed. And by the way, their reset means voraciously taking on the next challenge smarter and better prepared.

Enter an attorney, a CEO, a writer, 2 entrepreneurs and a girls' night out. Amazing things happen at these nights out. When you pull incredible women together, things always happen. 

These powerful women all echoed the same sentiment: 

If you are who you surround yourself with, shouldn't there be an easier way to surround yourself with the right women?

Powerful ideas collided that night. Most importantly, Steel Heels was built. 

Welcome to the collision of ideas of powerful women. If you don't feel powerful today, stay with us and become the woman you want to be. Join us as we unite around business, family and friendship. Bring your ideas, bring your challenges, and bring your best self!

That's what Steel Heels is all about. YOU!

Colleen Ferrary 

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