Personal Development

Yes! You CAN Have It All!
Balancing Work, life and dreams

How who You WERE Affects the Leader You Are Today
How knowing who you are can make you a far more impactful leader!

You've Got This!
Overcoming Adversity in Every Aspect of Life and Business 

Climbing The Ladder
How Strategy, Mentoring and Who You Know helps get you promoted

Women in The Workplace
How Sheryl Sandberg Taught Me To Lean In But Also Stretch Out

I'm of the belief that you just can't think yourself into success. All that thinking and all those Thomas The Train moments are important, but alone they won't get you where you're going. 

It takes a firm strategy and a plan to make positive, amazing and prosperous changes in your life.

Join us while we share and teach the difference between dreaming and doing!

' Colleen, Thank you for an excellent presentation. Everyone absolutely loved you. They were talking about you all night and couldn't wait to learn more. In a mixed audience, you were able to appeal to an audience of professionals, business owners, and aspiring leaders. Thanks for a terrific and engaging presentation!' 

                                                  -Michael, Association of Paralegals


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Colleen Ferrary 

Are you interested in inspiring your team to bring your company to the next level?

Giving your team the jolt of energy to launch your next change?

Do you need help training your leaders to bring their team along and drive change quickly, efficiently and compassionately? 

Are you just ready to inspire success in your team?  

Here are just a few of the conversations Colleen is hosting with teams like yours:


Driving Change From the Top Down
Learn why 70% of all change initiatives fail and how to reverse the trend in your organization.

Motivation Goes Beyond Cheerleading
Helping Introverts and Extroverts understand the complexities of motivation and help bring your team to the next level! 

Small Business
If You Don't Get Why It's Different, You Just Don't Get it!

How To Market Your Business For FREE 
Why spending money on marketing is not the secret weapon for success

My First Hand Experience Managing Gen Y and What They Taught Me
Bridging the gap within companies and across generations to help companies forge collaboratively into the future