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About Colleen

2009 - THE BEGINNING. In 2009, Colleen Ferrary was moved by a speech given by Mireille Guiliano, but not in the way you would have expected. While herself leading a team of 3,500 employees and a $440 million market, she was aghast to hear Guiliano’s remarks to a roomful of woman as she proclaimed:

“I’m here to tell you ladies, you can NOT have it all.”

That year, Colleen went on to lead a market twice the size as a single mother, and set the plan in motion for what would become a new beginning.  She began laying the foundation of what it meant to have it all. Never would she want her (then 5-year-old) daughter to hear those same words. She set out to prove Mireille Guiliano wrong.

While some leaders leverage research and theory, Colleen Ferrary has leveraged first-hand experience, active generational resource groups, current and ever-changing experience with a large variety of business owners and CEO's, and her own personal network of business partners and board members.  She stays connected to change through her work with nonprofits and university students from around the globe.

A master storyteller, Colleen Ferrary captures the audience with real-life anecdotes and lessons. She shares not only her successes but the mistakes she's made along the way. Her strategy endears her to the audience as well as empowers them. 

'She keeps it simple and fun but packs a punch.' 

You‘ll enjoy learning how to leverage your personal style to adapt to different situations, prepare your team to better understand and embrace what lies ahead and how to play in a bigger sandbox. She inspires women to ‘have it all,’ and inspires successful shifts from work/life balance to life/work balance for everyone - while improving work performance and engagement. 

'You’ll leave energized and empowered to solve any challenge ahead of you. ' 

Colleen Ferrary Bader has inspired thousands to take control of their situation and soar above to reach new heights in their career and life. As a specialist in change management and motivational and developmental leadership, Colleen harnesses the ability of the individual to reach new heights.
Whether delivering a keynote speech to your college, corporate function or professional event, Colleen Ferrary tailors her message to your goals and your team.  By taking time to learn your organization, her speeches and training seminars add immediate value and motivation in changing times. A master in change and organizational management, Colleen breaks down the steps necessary to align your team towards a common goal while inspiring and entertaining. 

Colleen's degree in Human Resource Management, Advanced Executive Leadership Training at the University of Michigan, LEAN certification, and Coaching Institute training have helped her create the perfect blend of results-driven leadership with a focus on team and performance..  

Do you want to inspire your team to bring your company to the next level? Does your team need the jolt of energy to launch your next change? Do you need help training your leaders to bring their team along and drive change quickly, efficiently and compassionately? Ready to inspire success in your team?  

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' Colleen, Thank you for an excellent presentation. Everyone absolutely loved you. They were talking about you all night and couldn't wait to learn more. In a mixed audience, you were able to appeal to an audience of professionals, business owners, and aspiring leaders. Thanks for a terrific and engaging presentation!' 

            -Michael, Association of Paralegals