Why Colleen?

Because running a company and managing personalities and individual needs are hard, and sometimes even lonely.  Colleen's methods are individualized to your needs.  Yes, she leverages best practices, but she also understands that individuality and diversity are what spark creativity and innovation. 

Learn how Colleen can put time back into your day while creating a team that is as passionate about your company's success as you are.

Colleen Ferrary

Creating leaders in business and for tomorrow


Through her workshops, Advisory Board participation, and personal coaching, Colleen Ferrary teaches leaders how to engage with others, your team, connect with future leaders, and build networks that help you grow.


Transform your leadership and create a team who identifies with your goals and vision.  Colleen Ferrary teaches you to lead more authentically while building an environment of trust, innovation, and results!


After consulting for over ten years for fast-paced startups, media, film, nonprofits, and universities, Colleen Ferrary helps you bring a level of excitement to teams, customers, and community.

Colleen Ferrary, President

"Colleen, your contribution at BSL Educational Foundation Inc. Youth Leadership Conference was an exceptional and a life-learning message to all on the panel, audience, and hosts! Your openness on diversity in the workplace was priceless, your story on staring out within office walls, is a story that I will share with not only women, but men and people of color.  That specific career moment on how your expertise in transportation was so quickly dismissed because of being a female, resonated with the entire audience in a way that not only men must do better on diversity, women need to be prepared when entering the workplace. You certainly have accomplished many leaps within that timeline to present! You have successfully leveraged adversity to be the lesson that inspires all to know one's dreams, desires and aspiration can not be stopped! They are yours for the keeping." 
 -Nancy Silberkleit   CEO, Archie Comics

Colleen Ferrary Bader is the founder of Small Business USA LLC and Employment Tutors.  She is an ardent supporter of the arts, and volunteers much of her time (as a mentor, committee member, and board member) to several NYC and Los Angeles-based nonprofits focused on helping our underserved high school and college students get placed in internships and careers after college.

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